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Weekly Update

CRHS FFA “Leading the Best to achieve success” 2017-2018

**February FFA Meeting – February 6th @ 6:00 pm in the Main Commons

Our next FFA meeting will be held on Tuesday. Feb. 6th at 6:00 pm.  We have shared with the students that this meeting will be mandatory for all exhibitors to attend.  We will be discussing show items, have the buckle and boot presentation, and answer any questions you may have. The members should attend in their Official Dress for the upcoming show.  A description of Official Dress for show follows.  This gives us an opportunity to make sure that everyone is wearing the proper items well in advance of the show.  We will also be taking our yearbook picture for the FFA page during this evening and would like all of our members, even if they are not raising a livestock project, to be in attendance and in Official Dress.  Female FFA members that are not showing a project this year may wear a black skirt with black tights instead of the black jeans/pants if they wish.  Thank you for helping us prepare for this important event.


Official Dress (for show)

Young Ladies:  White Dress shirt – button down with collar, tucked in

(no “polo” or pullover shirts)

                        Black Jeans or Pants – no extra decorations, no holes

                        Black Boots or shoes – all black, no color markings or accessories, closed-toe

                        Socks and Belt should be black

                        Official FFA Scarf (information on how to receive these will be coming soon)

                        Official FFA Jacket


Young Men:     White Dress shirt – button down with collar, tucked in

(no “polo” or pullover shirts)

                        Black Jeans or Pants – no extra decorations, no holes

                        Black Boots or Shoes – all black, no color markings or accessories, closed-toe

                        Socks and Belt should be black

                        Official FFA Tie (information on how to receive these will be coming soon)

                        Official FFA Jacket


CDE Corner

Cinco Ranch FFA teams will begin to participate in several CDE competitions, including Klein invitational, Wildcard Invitational, Katy Invitational, and Ridge Point Invitational in the next two weeks. All of these practice contests help teams to learn, train, and prepare for the qualifying area competition in April.  Our future upcoming contests will take place throughout February and March and will finish up with the State contests in April!  Good luck to all of our competitors!


Community Service Opportunities

Our final community service project is underway. This is the last opportunity to earn community service hours through FFA. You can donate canned food/nonperishable products (10 items for 1 hour), or donate baby items including: socks, hats, bibs, burp cloths, clothing, diapers newborn 1,2,3, sheets/blankets (every $10= 1 hour). You may earn up to 4 hours for this activity. 

***** All hours should be completed by February 9th.  If more community hours are needed, they need to be completed outside of FFA.

 Lone Star State FFA Degree

If you are in your third or fourth year of Ag enrollment, you may be eligible for your State FFA Degree this summer.  If you meet these criteria and want to work on your degree, be on the lookout for our first LoneStar Degree meeting at the end of February.

To be eligible, you must meet these requirements:        

•          Member of at least one LDE team

•          Member of at least one CDE team

•          Participated in most chapter activities

•          Exhibited in KISD show

•          Have 25 hours of community service

•          Have a desire to receive this degree

•          Be willing to work thru the process, including meeting deadlines.

•          Attend the FFA convention in July to receive your degree.



  • Please be aware of the weather each day and take appropriate steps as discussed by your advisor through the cold or rainy weather to keep your project comfortable in the barn.  Goat and Lamb raisers were asked to put and keep socks/blankets on and keep the pens clean and dry.  Pig raisers should keep the pens clean and dry, use hay for bedding, and keep windows closed
  • Be sure to check the board every day for important announcements and information from teachers. 
  • Barn duty group this week:  E. Guy, M. Escalante, D. Williams, B. Torres


Eligibility for Livestock Shows

As our district’s show season is rapidly approaching, we ask that students be aware of the rules regarding their eligibility to exhibit their livestock projects and participate in the show.  Please be diligent in passing all classes so that you will not be affected or in danger of not showing.  The following rules are in place for this year’s show by TEA/UIL for “no pass, no play”:

  • A student with any failing grade on the 3rd six weeks (12-15-2017) report card must regain eligibility by passing all classes on the following progress report (01-22-2018) to be eligible to show at the KISD Livestock Show held on February 14-17, 2018. 
    • A failing grade on the report card and next progress report does not have to be in the same class to affect eligibility.  (Ex.  A student failing a math class on the 3rd six weeks report card and then brings it to passing for the progress report, but fails an English class at the Progress Report would still be ineligible.)
  • (Certain AP classes may not apply to these rules.)

If you have any specific questions regarding eligibility, please contact Mr. Ford (281)237-5093


From the Booster Club

CRHS FFA Booster Club Members,

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017!  I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season and were able to spend time with family and friends.  

On behalf of the Booster Club Board, I would like to thank all of you for your tremendous support!  The success of Winter Showdown & the Progress Show Silent Auction would not have happened without the generous families we have in our organization.  Thank You!

The Katy ISD Livestock Show and Rodeo is fast approaching, taking place Thursday through Saturday, February 16th - 18th.  As we have done in the past, we will be supporting the hospitality tent for our students during the event.  We will be providing breakfast items, drinks, snacks, etc... in the tent during the hours our students will be there.  Therefore, donations of those items are definitely needed. I have created a Perfect Potluck Meal for all of those items.  

You can access the link at and enter Pollard under the coordinator and CincoFFA for password. 

One of the highlights for our students is always the lunches we provide for them on Thursday & Friday.  We are in need of support for these two days.  If you or several families pulling together would like to support either of these days it would be greatly appreciated. As a point of reference, in the past we have had families coordinate grilling out hot dogs & hamburgers with sides and fixings and cook enormous pots of gumbo and jambalaya.We have 80 raisers this year so we will need to provide for over 100 people each day. Please contact me if you are interested in supporting or for further details. 

This is THE event that our students have been working extremely hard toward all year and the last big event we will be supporting, so let's continue our generous tradition and make it one for them to remember. 

Again, your support to CRHS FFA is extremely important and very much appreciated by all.

Thank you,


Karen Pollard


 2017-2018 Calf Scramble


Dominic Young

Alex Jones

Kaitlyn Siebold


Bella Torres

Savannah Kelly

Brycen Massot-Godsey

Spencer Taylor


Dominic Maya

Madeline Gonzales

Cole Campbell

Olivia Walker

Euan Fraser

 THURSDAY Alternates                      FRIDAY Alternates                              SATURDAY Alternates

       Claire Dumas                                     Brendan Eckel                                       Corina Coronado


Chapter Website

Upcoming Dates (partial list)

1-26     Klein CDE Invitational/Matagorda CDE Invitational

1-27     Wildcard CDE Invitational

2-1       Katy CDE Invitational

2-2       Ridgepoint CDE Invitational

2-5       Livestock Show Set-Up

2-6       Official Dress Meeting 6pm Main Commons

2-7       Deer Park CDE Invitational

2-13     Grand Champion Teacher Breakfast

2-14 to 2-17      KISD Livestock Show and Rodeo

2-24     Kingwood Park CDE Invitational

2-26     Cy Creek CDE Invitational



Mr. John Ford (281)237-5093 (281)728-9644

Mr. Dean Fuchs (281)237-5094 (979)733-7376

Mrs. Erynne Jenschke  (281)237- 5213 (361) 772-0627

Ms. Amanda Kacal (281)237-5074 (979) 204-7374


Please contact us if you have questions about any of the above.  If your e-mail has changed or we have missed someone please let us know.  If you would prefer not to receive e-mails from a CRHS Advisor in the future, please let us know and we will remove your address from the e-mail list.

CRHS FFA “Leading the Best to achieve success”



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