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CRHS FFA “Leading the Best to achieve success” 2017-2018

  2017/2018 Katy ISD Livestock Show Results 

Please join us in congratulating our excellent group of exhibitors this year at the 2017/18 Katy ISD Livestock Show.  Each exhibitor displayed a tremendous amount of good sportsmanship throughout and showed class by following each day’s instructions.  Thank you to all for everyone’s hard work – every person involved should have a lengthy list of positive highlights, lessons, and memories to reflect upon.  The true success lies in the investment each livestock raiser made in themselves by making the choice to take on this challenge.  Congratulations and well done Cinco Ranch FFA!

Katy ISD Livestock Show High Honors:

 Grand Champion Hog                                                                Marco Sevilla

Grand Champion Steer/Reserve Champion Showman       Rachael Wheeler       

Reserve Champion Steer                                                            Mikaela Fleener


Congratulations to the 23 exhibitors who made premium action this year!!!

 Steer Exhibitors

Rachael Wheeler

Mikaela Fleener

Lillian Costley

Sam Pollard

Hog Exhibitors

Austin Bates

Tommy Courtney

Sarah Queen

Amanda Jenkins

Hannah Jones

Dominic Maya

Chase Pawelek

Lisa Sevilla

Marco Sevilla

Hannah Gustin

Caleigh Milligan

Breanna Burmeister

Jessica Irving

Alayna Keenan

Dylan Wallis

Rebecca Cook

Hannah Milczarek

Tyler Burg

Dominic Young

Jimmy Hulse

Jaxon Maikoetter

Kyle Senogles

Euan Fraser

Spencer Taylor

Madeleine Gonzales

Brendan Eckel

Collin Kelly

Savannah Kelly

Cole Campbell

Jonathan Harvey

Jana Edwards

Jena Evans

Brennan Ross

Lamb Exhibitors

Greta Jackson

Nicole Sweet

Ana Sanchez

Corina Coronado

Lori Lindgren

Jennifer Lindgren

Karlan Shelley

Bella Kerbers

Abby Butler

Rachel Reinbolt

Alex Jones

Caleb Moderski

Goat Exhibitors      

Emma Jordan

Kirstin Fraser

Garrett Barker

Katie Haley

Kyle Wheeler

Hannah Duran

Madi Loo

Olivia Walker

Morgan Blevins

Bella Torres

Isabella Ferrara

Sydney Harwell

Claire Dumas

Riley Rutherford

Elena Guy

Megan Hopper

Ashlyn Rudd

Rabbit Exhibitors

Bailey Rogers

Paloma Ames-Zuniga

Broiler Exhibitors


Ann Regan  

Thank you!!!!
It is our sincere hope that everyone had an enjoyable experience at the KISD Livestock Show in the spirit of good competition and learning in action.  It is a busy few days that we plan and prepare for during the entire calendar year and we know that it would not go as smoothly as it does without everyone’s help.  Thank you so much to all parents and volunteers.  From helping members and Advisors or being sure their child is where they should be at all times to providing a place to refresh or just cheer each other on while someone from our school is in the show ring.  All of these contributions and people working together make a truly significant and positive impact on the chapter.  Thank you to all of you for asking how you can help, donating and providing delicious food, and just being present at the show to show your support.  With your help, we were able to ACHIEVE SUCCESS!

 The Show Goes on…

Although the show may be over and projects are out of the barn, there are still many items to address and take care of before the show season can officially come to a close.

  • Pen Cleanout – All pens at the CRHS barn should be cleaned out prior to Fri. March 2ND.  Please have your pen clean, shavings out, and all equipment/belongings completely removed.  We will announce a barn clean-up day in the near future to make the barn shiny again!
  • Thank you letters – Thank you letters should be written to all buyers and to any individuals giving add-ons.  Each exhibitor will be provided with a list of the people contributing to their project and their address.  As soon as we receive these, they will be distributed.  Deadlines and more information will be distributed as the lists become available.  These will be due to Ms. Kacal. 
  • Calf Scramblers – Members participating in the calf scramble who “caught” a calf will have an additional thank you letter to write to their sponsor.  Names and addresses of each student’s sponsor will be provided by an Advisor.  These are due to Ms. Kacal 


If you have good pictures from the show, please share them with us.   If it is one or two, please email or if more a disk copy would be better.  The pictures may be viewed online.  Buyer photos will be passed out for delivery when we receive them.


 HLSR Program Sales—“And They Call The Thing Rodeo” –Garth Brooks

 On Tuesday, February 27, Cinco Ranch FFA headed to Reliant Center to sell programs at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  This event allowed us to raise money to offset the cost of banquet meals and keep from charging for tickets.  Members will also be credited an “activity above the chapter level” that may be applied to next year’s show requirements.  We were excited to take advantage of this opportunity to raise funds for the chapter as well as provide a chance for the chapter to see the world’s largest agricultural event.  Thank you to all of the members who came!


CDE Corner

Students participating on Career Development Events (CDEs) this year have been practicing and training for several contests that take place throughout the rest of this school year.  Our chapter will be participating in the upcoming HLS&R contest held throughout the Houston show season.  Several other contests that will further prepare them for the qualifying Area contest in April are also quickly approaching.  Those going on the Tarleton trip will be responsible for paying for their meals - the chapter will be paying for the charter bus, hotels, and entry fees.  More details will follow… look forward to the trip!


Lone Star State FFA Degree

 If you are in your third or fourth year of Ag enrollment, you may be eligible for your State FFA Degree this summer.  If you meet these criteria and want to work on your degree, talk to Mrs. Jenschke to complete the application.

To be eligible, you must meet these requirements:

•          Member of at least one LDE team

•          Member of at least one CDE team

•          Participated in most chapter activities

•          Exhibited in KISD show

•          Have 25 hours of community service

•          Have a desire to receive this degree

•          Be willing to work thru the process, including meeting deadlines.

•          Attend the FFA convention in July to receive your degree.



We would like to say a special thank you to our FFA Family for my ultimate surprise baby shower! If you were not able to be there, rest assured the excitement and surprise left me in tears about 2 seconds after I walked into the tent! To everyone who was able to be there, who donated or sent a gift, or who just sent good thoughts our way….THANK YOU! Words cannot describe our appreciation for the love our kids and their families have for us and the love we have for them and this program!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you from Kevin, Erynne, and Baby J Jenschke J


 Upcoming Dates (partial list)

2-28 – 3-1 Jacksboro CDE Invitational

3-2       Pen Clean Out Deadline

3-7       HLSR Horse Contest

3-7 – 3-9  HLSR Goat Show

3-8 – 3-11  HLSR Heifer Show

3-10 – 3-12  HLSR Hog Show  

3-12     Katy Poultry CDE Invitational

3-13     HLSR Poultry Contest

3-22     Tarleton CDE Invitational

3-23     Blinn CDE Invitational

3-24     TAMU CDE Clinic

3-26 – 3-27    Cisco College CDE

3-28     WOB CDE Invitational

3-29     Wharton County CDE

4-4       Heart of Texas CDE

4-6       HCC CDE Invitational

4-7       Texas A&M Area CDE

4-10     Steer Payment

4-17     Sam Houston CDE Area

4-18     Tarleton CDE Area

4-24     District Convention

4-26     Tarleton State CDE

4-27     Sam Houston State CDE

4-28     Texas A&M State CDE

5-10     Annual FFA Banquet



Mr. John Ford (281)237-5093 (281)728-9644

Mr. Dean Fuchs (281)237-5094 (979)733-7376

Mrs. Erynne Jenschke  (281)237- 5213 (361) 772-0627

Ms. Amanda Kacal (281)237-5074 (979) 204-7374


Please contact us if you have questions about any of the above.  If your e-mail has changed or we have missed someone please let us know.  If you would prefer not to receive e-mails from a CRHS Advisor in the future, please let us know and we will remove your address from the e-mail list.


CRHS FFA “Leading the Best to achieve success” 2017-2018




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